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The one i used to love. ខែ​មេសា 4, 2006

Posted by STARFiSH in Personal.
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Managed to do 2 faculties in the same time and i found it so hard, it was the year 2000. I passed the entrance exam for Laws school and decided to give it a go and run back and forth to the 2 skuls. Man i swear to god that it was so hard and i was gonna quit but i just didnt want to.

After the hard time in the first year i managed to get myself transferd to the night-time-class in the second year, it was the year 2001. That was the time i first saw this cute girl. i thought GOD was playing with me even though i didnt believe in god, He gave a sign and then many signs. i saw her wandering around while i was looking for my new class – the very first sign. I wished that i could be in the same class as hers, eventhough i had no idea if she were studying laws or economics, the royal university of laws and economics there i studied, or if she were in the same scholar year as i was, but i just prayed that i could be in her class. And lucky enough god did hear my prayer, we were in the same class.

As the new guys i didnt have enough courage to start a conversation with her yet, i ended up sitting in the back watching her and sketching out the silhouette of her from the back – sometimes….

– to be continued –

Dont want no trouble? avoid it. ខែ​មេសា 4, 2006

Posted by STARFiSH in Personal.

Hmmm yeah this is wat i do most of the time, It's such a coward solution though but couldnt afford to fight it so i ended up avoiding it.

Lots of works to be done and less efford to make it done. I wish i had it started RIGHT, but since i have stated things so wrong and due to the fact that to keep it going wrong is good for my beloved peoples i rather keep it that way. And for the matter of fact I AM the one to blame though for having done such a STUPID decisions most of the time and would end up being stressed out myself. Hmmm why would i almost always choose the hardest path in most of the crossroads i get to, DAMN!

New Year resolution? yeah here i am doing it again…. my bad

Well i have determined wat to do now…. and yeah just need to manage doing it properly.