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ចំលាក់សិល្បៈ – សាលាក្រហម ខែ​ឧសភា 23, 2006

Posted by STARFiSH in Pictures.

An unknown art-work by an unknow artist.
The South Campus of The Royal University of Fine Arts.

I bet those of you who had gone to the "សាលាក្រហម – Red School" would recognise this piece of statue immediately. It was there under the "សាលកញ្ចក់ – Glass Room" since we first step on the campus and it was there when we graduated, but im not sure if it's still there as i havent been there for a long while now. To other people this is just some art but to us who had been studying there, we see it more than just the art work, it tell us more than what the artist himself wanted to express through his work. It brings us back those souvenirs, memories and reminds us what we had done back then. Cuz we've been with this statue for some 6 years and a half and we actually watched it changed, from a new piece then eroded and then broken. She used to have a full body. And when we look at it now and at what we did, there are so many things that we dont understand our-old-self either. Lots of things had happened, lots of things… lots of stupid things, starting from taking part in demonstrations to skipping class for ពោតស្ងោរ or karaoke. And there are more,.. drinking, palying, gambling, organising party, smoking, fighting…. Hmmmm you name it. And all of this just for one unspoken reason, we were kinda trying to be cool hehehehe.

Anyway this picture was taken with a film camera Nikon FM10 while i was learning photography. Well even if i have gone to photography class but i dont think i improve much. I remember the funniest and most embarrassed thing back then was that my first film i ever developed myself was all blank, yes i didnt put the film role correctly. We all had a couple of lessons the first few days and then did a photo essay on the "ភ្នំដូនពេញ – Wat Phnom". The days after was our most exciting day we all developed our own film in the darkroom, Hmmm you might have guessed how i felt when i saw the transparant of my work, Grrrrr… but my bad. Anyway i still couldnt call myself a photographer yet but yeah i like still like shooting pictures…. hmmm once in a while.

Bro, if you are reading this i know exactly what you are gonna say about me when it comes to taking picture. ^_^