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បារី ខែ​ឧសភា 28, 2006

Posted by STARFiSH in Pictures.

Smoking kills


This picture was taken last 2 years at a picnic at a friend's land (ចំការ). No it's not what you are thinking, it was definitely not my cigarette though i also like Marlboro Lite. It was my friend's. I quit stopped smoking long time a go and it's good that i wasnt addicted to it. People says that it's not that hard to quit smoking and more ever it's way too easy to quit, one can really quit smoking a couple of times a day.

Smoking Kills, some say smoking is bad for health and might be worse, according to what Phalkunz posted on his blog "Smoking damages the tissues in your penis", sounds like it's quite safe if you are a girl. But i say smoking is bad for our mouth, yeah i mean the smell.

Actually there's nothing special about this picture, i just tried to use macro with my camera and using the Aperture Value mode set it to 4.9 and zoom 3x optical as I just learned the techniques from my friend.

And since then i like to shoot thing up close.


1. Singachea - ខែ​ឧសភា 28, 2006

“I quit smoking long time a go…”

Why didn’t you write ” I stopped smoking long time ago…”

Don’t you think it’s more flexible to correct the mistake if you unconciously smoked?

2. STARFiSH - ខែ​ឧសភា 29, 2006

Thanks Singachea, it was a really good suggestion. I should have thought about that being flexible thingy. And now i have replaced the "quit" with the "stopped" already, cuz who know? i might just smoke unconsciously. 😉

3. SoNy - ខែ​ឧសភា 29, 2006

yes, smoking is really bad for health, and i don’t like the men who smoke cigarette.

4. ខ្មែរអមតៈ - khmeramatak - ខែ​ឧសភា 30, 2006

អ្នក​ខ្លះ​គេ​ថា ជក់​ដើម្បី​ឲ្យ​សង្ហា​តែ​ប៉ុណ្ណោះ ។ វា​មិន​ជា​ញៀន​អី​ទេ ម៉ា​អា​ត្រឹម​មួយ​ដើម​ពីរ​ដើម ។

រី​ឯ​ខ្ញុំ​វិញ ក៏​ចេះ​ជក់​នឹង​គេ​ដែរ គឺ​បឺត​តាម​មាត់ ចេញ​តាម​មាត់ មិន​ដែល​លេប​ផ្សែង​បាន​ម្ដង​សោះ ហើយ​ក៏​មិន​ចង់​សាក​លេប​ដែរ ព្រោះ​ខ្លាច​ឈ្លក់:-)

5. Wanna - ខែ​ឧសភា 30, 2006

ពី​មុន​ខ្ញុំ​ធ្លាប់​សាក​ជក់​ដែរ តែ​ពេល​បឺត​ចូល​ឈ្លក់​សឹង​ស្លាប់ ទើប​លែង​ហ៊ាន​រហូត​ទៅ ៕

6. khmerbird - ខេមរបក្សី - ខែ​ឧសភា 30, 2006

smoking is good for my writing,
i do need it sometime

7. k1 - ខែ​ឧសភា 31, 2006

No smoking pls!

8. STARFiSH - ខែ​ឧសភា 31, 2006

Anyway guys im not encouraging you into smoking at all and plus i did mention its disadvantages hehehehe.

Seems like none of us here is a smoker though except for KhmerBird, but he only smokes while he's wrtting and plus sometimes only, so nothing big a deal. 😉

K1, dont you worry dear, i dont smoke now ehhehe im sure i did said that above. ^_^

9. khmerbird - ខេមរបក្សី - ខែ​ឧសភា 31, 2006

thank Starfish for your reminder,
i advise even if you smoke, with moderation please.

10. STARFiSH - ខែ​ឧសភា 31, 2006

Hehehehe, and what i hated most about it was i couldnt really stand my own breath smell. I wonder if any girls would wanna kiss someone with the smell of cigarette unless she's a smoker herself.

11. deedeedoll - ខែមិថុនា 1, 2006

hey u was a smoker?? yai! i hate s.o who smokes ciggarette nas na! anyway, u quit now??? i always breathless when s.o is smoking cigarrette near me… ;C.. i hate them….


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