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She was so gorgeous! ខែកក្កដា 28, 2006

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I was on my way back to the office from lunch, I was almost get there but then i saw another car coming slowly toward me. The driver was a woman in her 30s or 40s, im not sure, but what took my breath then was the one who sit in the passenger seat, she was so gorgeous at least he face is. Im not a hundreds percent sure that she got a nice body as well since I could only saw the upper half of her, however with that beautyful face of her I bet it must have come with a very nice body. I dont normally look at any girls (j/k) but yeah I must say that I did look at her untill her car passed me. I drove to the office but then I thought that why not just check out where she live? I turned back and after her car. They were driving real slow and I tried to keep some distance, at this hour and at this speed I didnt think they were heading home. Okay i gave up after some 10 minutes, it just that I havent done this for long time now and the feeling aint the same like it was 6 years from now. I felt that Im too old to do this. But folks she was really charming, maybe I watched too much korean film. ^_^

My determinations – updated ខែកក្កដា 27, 2006

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Plan A – Still working on this plan

  • Scholarship of interests:
  1. JDS – Im applying for it again this year.
  2. ASEAN Graduate Scholarship – I failed it this year, hmmm not really looking into it anymore.
  3. Fulbright Scholarship – Next year.
  4. Dad wants me to seek for a european scholarship – I’ll do just that but still Japan is my dream country of my advance education.

Plan B – Still in drafts mode

 Updated as on December the 20th 2006

I should have updated long time ago but it’s that i was still overwhelmed by the result of JDS, yeah you’re right, I failed it. Another year passed, still i havent really got what i really wanna. Ask me if i havent really put enough effort? Well i think i did, i did more than the first time i tried it and i did think that i could go further than that, at least another step further.

Updated: as in March 2008, Plan A is discontinued, and Plan B is in stand by mode, and now im working on Plan C. 😀 Yeah it’s complicated, i know. But who care? ^_^

My today lunch ខែកក្កដា 26, 2006

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Shrimp Tomyum-Soup

I’ve been eating fried-rice for lunch since last week and I’m losing weight lately as noticed by people around me. It’s hard to have lunch now, the restaurant i usually go for meals is always over crowded i.e. harder to park and longer to wait. I hated to wait more than half an hour for lunch to be served, it makes me lose appetite. So the only good alternatives is go for a fried-rice at other place, reasonable price and fast. Imagine how long can anyone eating the same thing over and over again, yesterday I didnt even finished half of it and that’s why today I decided to eat something different. Im all alone today, my IT friend is taking few days off and he allow me to access to the internet using his IP and Im back online now, at least for the moment.

Anyway i had tomyum-soup today, shrimp tomyum-soup. I know that it’s not a good idea to eat seafood while in a no-sea province but I just ignored the rule. As I am alone, I told the waiter that I dont want too much of the soup so cook for me in small size. I bet he didnt bother to mentioned my request to the cook as 15 minutes later he brought the tomyum-soup in a very large bowl, I was like Grrr… hmmm anyway it’s okay… it’s fine cuz the soup looked so convincining. Anyway as expected, the soup was so nice and the shrimp did taste good. And 15 minutes later I was full, “garçon! bill please” – 13,000 riels. Damn! i knew it! I knew that it’s gonna be this expensive and realised that why they didnt bother get me a small bowl of soup, cuz the bigger the size the more reasonable a higher price is. It cost me 4 times the usual luch and 5 times the fried-rice, but it’s fine យូរៗម្រ៉ងវាមិនអីទេ. ^_^ I couldnt finished all the soup though but there were no shrimp left in the soup, dont worry, I finished them all hehehehe.

Well it’s somehow a satisying luch and Im hungry again as im typing…. damn! im gonna get myself a cup of coffee. 😉

Those good old-times ខែកក្កដា 25, 2006

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untidy workstation

Well I’m at a small crossroad and it flashed me back to those good old-times.

I’ve been walking to my destination of nowhere for a while now, I’ve walked really slowly. Before I have noticed it there were a turning ahead just a few metters away from me, i then thought that okay that’s the direction to turn since it’s what i’ve seen right before my very eyes and that it didnt take me any seconds to think. But as i approached to it, something hit me like a flash back, I also saw the other turning to the other opposite direction. So which way should i go from here.

It was untill i talked to my ex-boss that i finally saw the other turning, i used to see it but then happened to forget about it… completely at least at that moment.

About my ex-boss, he’s always my idol right after i have known him cuz he’s so good at what his carreer and he was so full of commitments, he’s so into his career of passion. And further more I like him the way he see me and appreciate my talents, i wasnt always confident in what i was doing untill i met him, he gave so much encouragements, well bro actually you have given me so much more encouragements also but in different aspect and here im talking about my career. And it made me once again enjoy being in my major, im the first to admit that i was about to abandon it and began doing something else before i finished school, so im always grateful that i have worked for him.

So i talked to him the other day after havent keeping in touch for a very long while, it’s one of my bad habits – not keeping intouch, I bet all of my ex-colleagues is hating me for that. So i called him up and said hi and mentioned why i was calling him and told of what i planned to do next. And he wasnt totally agree with what i was planning, he said that he dont want me to give up on what im good at and choose to start something new. He said that he would regret that talent and that i would feel the same.

So it got me thinking again, well i agree in most of what he had told me but i personally think that I need to walk the 2 paths, though im not sure if it would lead me to same direction and i feel that it’s just the matter of time, so i’ll have to figure out which way i go first.

Anyway there’s nothing headache here, it’s just now that i tent to set the priority to the path he told me and i’ll walk the other path later.

Well at least i felt released after talking to him that day, i dreamed of my old work place the other day and in that dream my ex-boss was ignoring me and so was some other ex-colleagues of mines. And i realised that it was just a guilt, anyway i miss you all, Bong Py, Nuch, Bong Thea, Svada, Chamroeun, Pheak, Meanooup, Sorya, Vone, Ratha and Phea. I was having so much fun working with you guys.

Updated: it’s raining again this afternoon, man it rains almost everyday now and that is to say that no basketball again this evening, damn! i hate it.

Rain-Flies ខែកក្កដា 22, 2006

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it’s rainy season, but it not raining today as dated July 10, 2006 at 20h00 after class waiting for dinner to be served.

I was about to skip my chinese class… yet again but then i happened to see the school’s bus as turned to the streen down to my place and it just changed my mind about skippin class. Well i dont consider myself as a bad student, it’s just that I was feeling so tired and sleepy this evening as the result of watching the world cup final the night before. I hate to think about it but it appeared that all of my favourite teams are losers, first Switzland then Netherland and my most favourite-England-team and later Germany and then the last one, France.

So did i go to the class, meeting and talking with my classmates there was quite fun but not the lesson itself as i mentioned before that the clas isnt interesting. I just go there to kill my time, seems like i have lots of time to kill but it aint true. The teacher did the revision and have us gone to the white board and practice writting some words and its definitions as the exam day is a couple of days away, though i dont consider this class seriously but believe me that when it come to the this thing, going to the white board and do dictation started to make my heart beating faster, i didnt feel comfortable at all cuz i know that it would be a disaster if the teacher ever call me to the whiteboard as i’ve been skipping class alot lately. So what i did was i tried to stay low, kept my head down and tried to avoid his eyes contacts but somehow i notice that he looked at me from time to time and even mentioned that every one had to come up and he meant everyone as he final mentioned my name. And then there was this miracle, suddenly there’s come the rain-flies មេភ្លៀង(i made up this word for this kinda insect, it’s a bit bigger than red ant with a whiter body, they live in some kinda pile of soil which they have bulit up as it’s nest and they somehow have their wings grow laterand become rain-flies as i called it) flied into our room, so today we had to leave class beforetime.

It’s noticable that if it’s about to rain then these rain-flies would comes out, sometime they come after the rain and it’s attracted to the light.

As we got out of the room we saw hundreds more of them and maybe thousands, they were partying around these fluorecent light along the ceilling of the corridoor. It looked so much like it was snowing apart from that its color, it’s somehow a bit grey. Anyway we all know that It wouldnt snow since it’s rainy season now and beside we dont really have winter here. Along the way back home still i can see rain-flies everywhere, i wish i had my camera with me so that i could capture the moment but i didnt. Watching them made me wondered if those rain-flies are having fun and if they dont really have anything to worry about, I heard that they dont even live long as they make a delicious dish for jinjas so is it still call life?

Anyway the day was saved so it’s basically not really a bad day for me but i did have a bad day the other day, it’s not that i lost the football bet for 4 bucks. I realised that i happen not to get over things easily and the worse thing now it that i noticed that i easily lost my temper lately, i remembered i used to be more patience than this.

This week im all entertainment free, i didnt bring the laptop nor the camera along and as i dont have tv at where i stay. I made up the bed and hit the hay straigh away. It rained like cat and dog that night but i doubt it bother me much. Good night folks.

Note: I was gonna post this long time ago unfortunately there’s no internet connection, man life is getting boring here without the internet.

I was feeling good ខែកក្កដា 6, 2006

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It’s raining today, it’s been raining since 3 o’clock this after noon and continued sprinkling. I got home at about 5h30 after work, i decided to walk to the restaurant for dinner. I took out my just bought umbrella and off i went. The wind blew bringing the cold breeze and that just make the evening a bit colder than usual but i liked it, i like it when it’s cold. I was walking against the wind and the rain drop, I can feel my umbrella was weightless and i might fly away if i let go of my hand. It’s good to walk sometimes.

We people dont tent to walk much here and people would grab a bike or bycicle if their destination is only 100 meters away unless we dont have a bike or a bycicle and if we can still afford the motodop then yeah still walking is not the option. It’s a hot dusted country here and you wont like it when after walking for 5 minutes and u swet like a pig, very bad smell yeah. You wouldnt like to swet urself and other people wouldnt it either. But as today the weather is cold and  with this cold breeze and the unstop-sprinkling, i enjoyed walking. At least it took me longer to get to the restaurant, it doest mean that im not hungry or anything but i just happen to have problem ordering food to eat, i used to cook myself. I wish they could just bring me anything for the meal without asking me what di i want to day. That’s wat i hate most about eating out and that make me miss home alot. Mom! you cook the best food in the world.

I usually have dinner alone, i dont normally come for dinner after work as i have a language class in the evening. The class is getting boring day by day i dont like this new teacher, having studied with this teacher make me feel that the first teacher i had was the best. I wasnt feel this good about her untill i got this new teacher. Anyway and what i enjoyed most about the chinese school now it that it has a basketball court, i played there most of the time and swet myself like a pig. I like basketball since i was in high school, i wish i started palying it since then. Anyway today i’m not having dinner alone, some other people at my work place also come for dinner at this hours so i have company. We were talking about this and that while we were waiting for the food to be done. The meal was nice, it’s just that i tent to enjoy eating when there’s more people but not too much. By the time we finished eating the sprinkling was also gone so it’s great. I wanted to walk back home but i was offered a ride so yeah okay i wouldnt wanna make them insist as their place is also close to mine.

Well i called it a day though i wasnt enjoy the whole day as much but the feeling i got this evening made it a day.

It was close… ខែកក្កដា 3, 2006

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Doin 60 on a free way

I was doing 60 on a free-way, national road no 5, on my way to work this morning. About 200 hundreds meters ahead of me on the other side of the road i saw a dog, it was blond i mean brown. It was running from something or anything at all, i dont know. But i was worried that it might coming my way and across the road so i hit the horn bottom a few times to let it know that there’s someone is running the same direction from behind but at a faster speed. Then this dog turned its direction toward my car for no reason at all and from my side mirror i saw another car was running after me at almost the same speed so i decided not to brake that suddenly as i was afraid that i might be hit from the back. I tried to avoid the dog by leaning a bit to the right and horning as loud as my car could hoping that it scares the dog a way but it didnt seem to work that way. A few seconds later i heard a bang on the left side of the car, the bang didnt sound too loud and as i look through the back mirror i can still see it running back to other side. I felt released, i think the blond must have decided to change its mind about crashing my car aside at the very last minute or else i could have run on it. So is it a bad day? i’ll say it’s a lucky day at least the dog is safe.