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ចំរៀង គ្មានចំណងជើង ខែមករា 17, 2007

Posted by STARFiSH in Videos.

Well this is a Music Video directed by my friend, Whitie aka ah-skov, It’s said to be his first atempt directing a music video. It’s a nice video so it’s way to go for him, anyway there’s something bug me about the story in the clip, i wonder if people in the state brought a girl home for dinner with his girlfriend?? I just feel that it’s not really realistic. Another thing is he should have a title from the beginning and maybe a bit of credit in the end, I wouldnt know what the song title is and that’s why i name it “untitled”. Hmmm about the music, the lyric is nice but the music itself need a lot of improvements and that is to say need more instruments or something. Anyway i hope you guy enjoy the song and any feedback you can shout it here while i can always forward ’em to him.

And the other new is another “huge” khmer movie is out this February but the title is still unofficial but the rumors said it’s something like “Me, Single until When?” It’s directed by my other friend, TomCat aka tiger-bee. Cant wait to see the movie though, im sure im gonna get the invitation. ;P


1. naryphing - ខែមករា 23, 2007

poo do not wonder cos last time my bf brought his best friend (girl) to have dinner with me . 🙂

2. STARFiSH - ខែមករា 26, 2007

Oooh!! that hurts, anyway when is your engagement? Take a lot of pictures and share ’em with me. Congratulation dear so now you are officially-half-taken. 😛

3. vanak - ខែមករា 26, 2007

i like it. Love the scenery background. Very nice. Soun jba (garden park) I cannot make out where the filming took place at ? Nice music, although the singer’s voice needs a little improvement. She kind of loose it at high pitch. Over all, GOOD !!

4. STARFiSH - ខែមករា 26, 2007

It took place in Lowell, USA. And she’s not a professional after all, they made the music video just for fun. Cheer!

5. chanbopha - ខែមករា 26, 2007

It’s nice challenge! I love it when ppl are challenging new things.

6. naraths - ខែមករា 28, 2007

that’s very interesting! good good directing of Music Video, ? i really like this act, so when will i become a director like that?>>>>

Oh why i can watch just 00:54minutes

7. STARFiSH - ខែមករា 29, 2007

Well im not aware either when will you become a director, hmmm maybe ទាល់តែយូ!! Well you suppose to be able to watch the video till the end, maybe it’s the speed of the connection or something since I dont experience that kinda problems. Cheer!

8. naraths - ខែមករា 29, 2007

yes! it’s maybe myPC! so i really wanna watch that musicvideo alot. can you share me by full converted file to me. you know to day i have watch it only half of duration more. plz plz give link to me download it …thank you!

9. STARFiSH - ខែមករា 30, 2007

Well, too bad, i dont have the file myself. The video is uploaded to YouTube and here’s the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjGkJhr6qOs

10. Lula - ខែ​មីនា 9, 2007

Hi , i know the singer , he is my friend’s brother who live in USA. His name is NA POLET n his bro so cute his name is NA Phiwat haha….. HEy wat yr brother is so popular. haha

11. សុជាតិ - ខែ​មីនា 12, 2007


12. STARFiSH - ខែ​មីនា 20, 2007

Hey Lula, I thought the singer is a girl. Hmmm I still DO think that she is a girl ^_^

សុជាតិ, តាមពិតមកពីខ្ញុំមិនស្គាល់ចំណងជើងនឹងណា។

13. uksokhom - ខែកក្កដា 18, 2007

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kanika - ខែមករា 4, 2014
14. heng - ខែកក្កដា 20, 2007

why cambodiamusic.net has Youn words

You (Sokhum) don’t know to write Khmer words?

15. sengkeang - ខែកក្កដា 20, 2007

We think uksokhom is Khmer Krom

So he must do something to defend rights of Khmers Krom, can he?

because there are many ways that he can do to defend them for example post against bad actions of youn government to Khmer Kroms

16. uksokhom - ខែកក្កដា 28, 2007

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