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Star Monkey ខែមករា 29, 2007

Posted by STARFiSH in This & That.

Nah, I’m not to change my aka from Starfish to Starmonkey should it may sound nicer or something, I’m cool with starfish and I’ll still be glad if I could be refer to as just Star but absolutely not Starmonkey. So what is it all about this Starmonkey eh? you might ask. Well I remember there were a riddle about what “star monkey” is when I was in primary school and the riddle went like this: “តារា ពានរ អ្នកណាមិនរក ផ្កាយ ស្វា” This is a Khmer riddle and it only works with Khmer words so it wouldn’t make sense if I translate it in to English and I wouldn’t even wanna try to explain it either. Sorry folks if you dont speak Khmer, I’m sure you’ll find this nonsense. The reason I’m bringing this all up because when I was home this weekend, our mango tree is filled with its flowers (not sure if I’m using the right word though) thank to the rain-in-the-dry-season, ភ្លៀងកក់ខែ. We expect to have a lot of mangoes to eat this year, again sorry guys when I’m saying alot that means just enough to feed my family (big family here). I’m not being mean or anything but I just say it inadvance cuz I’m sure you would ask me for mangoes just like you did with the Chek Chean I posted the other day. Just to make you guys more mouth watering about the mago, this kinda mango has a little tastes of sweet and sour in it, not too sour nor too sweet. See? mouth watering just to write about it, I’m not a girl but yet I like mangoes and yeah I also like girls ehehhehe. I have taken some picture of it but too bad I forgot to bring the degital here, so I’ll post the picure next week. Promise!!


So here’s the promised picture and the answer to the riddle of what starmonkey is.