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How many times? ខែកក្កដា 31, 2007

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How many times could you laugh at a joke? Practically, I’ll say 3 times. The first time would be when u first heard it, the second time would be when you are telling it to someone else and do you know when the third time is? It is when you remember the joke and all alone while you are walking or driving or laying or whatsoever…  you burst into laughter… yeah some people would think that you are mad or something.


How may times could you say to yourself that you would stop drinking after having a hard time throwing up, a spinning head ache and a restless night that you couldn’t choose between staying awake or sleeping. I’ll say 1 time. It is when you have too much alcohol and get too drunk and experience those feelings mentioned earlier… and yeah it’s also not so saint when u said it then and you wouldn’t deny another beer or something during the next day party. And it’s like a joke because when you think about it… you would find it funny of how you said to yourself the other night and only to find out that you dont keep your own words.


So how many times could you love a girl? That’s definitely something I’m not really sure about… and I’ll say it would be a one time or a couple of times or a dozen of times. It’s totally depend on… I don’t know… maybe we couldn’t really count how many times we do that and most of the time we would stop the counting when she’s married to someone else… it’s when all the very little hope u have just completely gone. Again, I’m not too sure if one could laugh about this as he/she could like in those jokes and being drunk… but tell you what, I do laugh sometimes. Especially when I recalled how silly I was during those years in high school… the first time (not too sure) I experienced my heart beat at a very fast rate when being close to her.



I’m just saying it in general… so dont even ask who this girl is. I’m not talking about any one particular girl though. ^_^

“gin&tonic club” meet up ខែកក្កដា 20, 2007

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Haven’t mentioned about this club for a pretty long while now… sounds like I’ve been alcohol-free lately but that is so not true. Actually although I rarely had gin and tonic recently, the last time I had it was at a buddy’s place last 3 weeks ago, most of the time Red Johnny Walker comes in to play. Anyway I had a meet-up dinner yesterday evening with my colleagues – the gin&tonic club. We are all full time memebers but this time we chose to try this local wine, ស្រាសាច់ដុំ, it’s drinkable, I dont have a problem drinkin it but I dont personally like its smell. So all in all I dont think it’s could be compared with gin and tonic, but still Johnny Walker could be the alternative though. ^_^

Sketch ខែកក្កដា 10, 2007

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Project: វីឡាតឿ

Client: Mr. Sovann H.


This is a budgeted small villa project,… the idea is that I made an axis to separate the night and day zone. What I mean by this is that I wanted to differentiate the private space and the public space. This axis will place the the front landscape and the living room in one side while the other side house the bedrooms, dinning and the kitchen. The living room, dinning and kitchen will be in one story building while the 4 bedrooms in in the 2 story… its roof will be in simplified khmer style… the whole idea is that i am trying to introduce a modern simplicity into khmer architecture…

more on this later…

Another Logo ខែកក្កដា 4, 2007

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Client: Market Research and Trade Consulting (Cambodia) Co., Ltd


I havent really decided on the color and text font yet… I was thinkin of developing from other sketches but… I became to like this one. But let see when i have times…