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Sketch ខែកក្កដា 10, 2007

Posted by STARFiSH in Design.

Project: វីឡាតឿ

Client: Mr. Sovann H.


This is a budgeted small villa project,… the idea is that I made an axis to separate the night and day zone. What I mean by this is that I wanted to differentiate the private space and the public space. This axis will place the the front landscape and the living room in one side while the other side house the bedrooms, dinning and the kitchen. The living room, dinning and kitchen will be in one story building while the 4 bedrooms in in the 2 story… its roof will be in simplified khmer style… the whole idea is that i am trying to introduce a modern simplicity into khmer architecture…

more on this later…


1. naryphing - ខែកក្កដា 10, 2007

poo… can u make one for me plsssssssssss thanks in advance 🙂

2. STARFiSH - ខែកក្កដា 10, 2007

Since u r my niece, u could benefit from a 10% discount. ^_^

3. naryphing - ខែកក្កដា 10, 2007

jom only 10% discount 😦 i thought it is free .. lols

4. B.OEU.N - ខែកក្កដា 10, 2007

hahaha, Jong barn bos keh free free mech? jong chhngol!
អាន​ការ​រៀបរាប់​ទៅ គួរ​ឲ្យ​ចាប់​អារម្មណ៍​ណាស់ ។ thumb up!!

5. STARFiSH - ខែកក្កដា 10, 2007

Okay… cant afford to hurt ur feeling dear, hmmmm how about 15%?

6. B.OEU.N - ខែកក្កដា 10, 2007

Discount ឲ្យ​ខ្ញុំ​៩៩%​ដែរ​ម៉ោណា!

7. STARFiSH - ខែកក្កដា 10, 2007

Hhehehe, dont u see that Naryphing is a girl and she only got 15%, you would have that 99% discount if and only if u r a girl and 10 time more pretty than my dear K1 😛

8. B.OEU.N - ខែកក្កដា 10, 2007

អូហ៍, ទាល់​តែ​ស្រី ហើយ​ស្អាត​ទៀត​មែន​ទេ? ងាប់​បណ្ដោយ! ស៊យ​អត់​បាន​កើត​មក​ជា​ស្រី ហើយ​ស្អាត 😦

9. rak3k | វិរៈ - ខែកក្កដា 11, 2007

Hi bro, what if I also want? I think in case of me, it could be free. I don have to be girl and pretty… I have special privilege… 😀

10. STARFiSH - ខែកក្កដា 11, 2007

Hehehe, you sure do… bro.

11. duongchan - ខែកក្កដា 13, 2007

It`s blur… If only you could post a clearer one. But it sounds cool according to your concept…

12. STARFiSH - ខែកក្កដា 13, 2007

Taken with my camera phone… that’s why it’s blurry. Anyway i personally think that it would look less interestin if it is too clear that u could spot mistakes and stuff hehehe.

13. rak3k | វិរៈ - ខែកក្កដា 13, 2007

plus if u have a clear one, someone might be able to use it as real plan…and that’s free of charge… ha ha

14. STARFiSH - ខែកក្កដា 13, 2007

Nah… I wouldnt worry about that ^_^

15. duongchan - ខែកក្កដា 13, 2007

Yep, I think so with Starfish. Some people say they don’t need to spend any penny to the architects on their houses` designs…They just simply use the catalog as reference…

Yes, I somehow agreed to that idea. But you can use the catalog and sure, your prospective house and that in the catalog may look somehow alike, yet you cannot live in a comfortable house. Why? Because people have their own living style, for example you want your toilet placed next to bathroom still in the catalog it’s not… On the other side, talking about structure, material, interior design… and many more detail items which are not carried in the catalog… So only the designer who has his own concept 😉
And to build a house to live, we’d better focus on running cost rather than initial cost.
Initial cost is the amount of budget we spend when building the house while running cost plays the role of the expense after that- for example, electricity, maintenance, gas and water supply…
Normally running cost costs about 70% of LCC (life cycle cost= initial cost + running cost).
So to build a prefect house we have to think over both LCC and LCCO2
Haha… Here I’m trying to convince people to pay to more architects 😀
Believe it or not, it’s your decision, lolz.

16. Poln - ខែកក្កដា 16, 2007

Duongchan and starfish: interesting in designs fitting to one’s living style…Now wat do u think if a couple have different desires in style? While husband is the boss, wife is decision maker…what u proffessionals likely do?

17. duongchan - ខែកក្កដា 16, 2007

Hehe, That sounds cool of you, Poln to pick up this interesting case.
Well, that couple must figure out their problem on their own before they should come to the architects. The architects just know how to adjust one`s living place. Relating to individual stuff, I personally think they should go to see the marriage consultant to be able to work it out, then decide to choose the most appropriate style for both of them. After that ” Welcome to Starfish architect” 😀
Uhh, well I’m just a college student, should leave this to my big senior Starfish. What do you think senior???

18. www.cambodiamusic.net - ខែកក្កដា 16, 2007

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From administrator : uksokhom@music4khmer.net

19. STARFiSH - ខែកក្កដា 17, 2007

Agreed that this is quite an interesting question… and beside we may face it quite often as well in the real time career. In the case Poln raised, I think we should please the wife more since she has the decision makin power cuz I doubt that that the husband dare to say anything against his wife. But again I think the best way is we should narrow their differences and come up with something alit bit of this and that so that it’d make it easier for us to convince them both. All in all the client is king right? Anyway I found this on web… and i think u guys may find it intersting as well.. so check it out. http://freelanceswitch.com/clients/12-breeds-of-client-and-how-to-work-with-them/


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