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វីឡាតឿ – a sneak peak ខែសីហា 3, 2007

Posted by STARFiSH in Design.

Mr. Sovann H Villa

I’ve been working on this project for quite a while now… the thing is I could only use my weekend times for this sideproject so everything take a longer time to finish, lucky enough most of my clients understand this and wouldnt complain much about me being late. Anyway guys, here’s the sneak peak of the project so far – the front elevation. ^_^

Note: I know the color is a little too childish heheheh… my classmates would call it គំនូរតាំងតាំង if i were in school, i just assumed that most of u here would find coloring more interesting than just a black and white drawing. 😛



1. Wanna - ខែសីហា 3, 2007

It looks like a pagoda to me :p

2. lyna - ខែសីហា 3, 2007

I am back again..

which company are u working for in cambodia?
I want to take achitect in uni too.

3. sokhodom - ខែសីហា 4, 2007

so cool! I wish I had some talent in designing..lolz 😀
starfish, can you mail me? I mean I would like to contact you but i can’t find a contact us page.

4. B.OEU.N - ខែសីហា 4, 2007

I think the color is like a childish too. Is it a project for someone else of for ya hobby?

5. B.OEU.N - ខែសីហា 4, 2007
6. babe3agle - ខែសីហា 4, 2007

i wouldn’t buy this project nor want you to make one for me…. yab nas ah bong euy….:p

7. សុភ័ក្ត្រ - ខែសីហា 7, 2007

មើល​ពី​មុខ​ ឬ​ពី​ចំហៀង​ហ្នឹង?!

8. PoLn - ខែសីហា 7, 2007

I like the roof style, roof support, widow cover, wall, especially for the private part. For personal feeling, small but nice veranda in the second floor would be fantastic for coming out and breathing, or brushing my teeth with a garden view. 🙂

For the first part or public part, if it s mine, I wish to place a pool table and a movie/media room along with saloon. Maybe it s nice to have two windows merged, maintining ideas of bringing light to the public part–but m no specialist– n it s very cool of u to have daylight n nite parts.

heuy don forget to tell us on da front look na. ppl firstly approach pretty face :- )…

9. STARFiSH - ខែសីហា 8, 2007

Lyna, as an architect, i’m a freelancer. I used to work for Five-Arc company in Phnom Penh. Im sure you’ll be a great female architect since you are so talented and have quite a determination to challenge those, the way u claimed it, boring and humourless male architects.

Boeun, i forgot to mention it, it’s a project for one of my clients, Mr. Sovann H. This post should be view in conjuction with my previous post, sketch.

Babe 3 or 4 or whatsoever eagle… I couldnt read your comment, please post it again and in a nicer compliment so that it could read. Ah baka!!

Sopheak, I did mentioned that it’s the front elevation, translation: គំហើញពីមុខ 😀

PoLn, among all the comments, I personally like urs the most ehheheeh… I like the way you describe things… there’s alot i need to learn from you in order to have a good presentation to my clients.

Anyway, guys, i really appreciate ur comments. ^_^

10. PoLn - ខែសីហា 8, 2007

Thanks Starfish, look like every body favors so much on ur design, shared equally impression, un-price-able comments, and constructive critics. Besides this is just a house, impressive expressions will certainly boom for designed vivid gentlman and nice lady. 🙂

11. Kalyan - ខែសីហា 8, 2007

this looks nice but more of a cartoon :-p eh u can join the animation field 😉 i think you will be good!!!

12. trajoke - ខែសីហា 9, 2007

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13. Rachna - ខែសីហា 19, 2007

Good, even it’s a bit strange but interesting. It’ll be better if it has a swimming pool, gate around and some kind of trees with a lot of fruit on it…….. 😉

14. naryphing - ខែសីហា 29, 2007

poo i pass the test. do u have a reward..?

15. STARFiSH - ខែសីហា 29, 2007

U called that strange?? ehhehe, hmmm maybe it’s strange in a way since most ppl see it that way. Well i admit that it is a little old fashion considering the roof style and all but that’s exactly wat the client like and from my point of view it would look more classy in a traditoanl way when it’s built. I havent got time to produce a 3d visualisation where you can see the building volume and the landscape layout.

Congratulation Nary, i know that u can do it though u r not that hard working but u r so smart hehehe, reward? wat would u want?

16. duongchan - ខែកញ្ញា 4, 2007

I’ll pray for working with you 😀

17. Samantha - ខែកញ្ញា 6, 2007

I personally dont think that the colors are childish, they look refreshing to me.

18. kunthy - ខែកញ្ញា 7, 2007

មើលទៅវិឡានិងឡូយតា!!​ 😉


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