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a shoes a day ខែតុលា 30, 2007

Posted by STARFiSH in This & That.

My Nike Shox VC

my nike shox vc

I bought this pair of nike shox vc 3 weeks ago and i kinda like it so much, actually i would wanna have it in white but it’s only black that I could find. I might have not tell anyone yet that I am into shoes… it’s a little weird that I dont seem to have any hesitation when it comes to buying shoes. Anyway back to the above mentioned shoes, I know that it’s a little outdated since it’s the first nike VC ever and the latest one is VC 4 or maybe they have discontinue the product already… i’m not sure. It looks to be durable and I haven’t really tried it on the concrete court yet… my last Iverson Trainer could only last a short period of time.

Updated: It’s broken now as in mid of february, see? what happend when u bought a pair of used shoes, even if it looks quite new, it wont last long enough.