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River House ខែ​កុម្ភៈ 17, 2008

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Magarati - Blue

This is one of my favorite place to hang out at night, whenever i got to Phnom Penh, River House would be a must go place. Hmmm not much of my friends would fancy this kinda place since they are most interested in beer garden or something, so the only one friend that would go there with me all the time is, Tom aka Big-fat-lazy-cat. This Saturday, i’m here again in PP, and I also went there with him and his girlfriend, Terry which is also a good friend of mines, and my bro. And as usual, we had blue magarati, i know i dont spell the right word and I’ll correct it once I have the right spelling. It was a good thing to drink when you dont wanna get too drunk, i think it’s kinda girly drinks, so whenever i wanna feel more drunk I would go for a mojito or 2 after this blue magarati. Anyway this time I didnt have mojito afterward since i wanted to try Jakie Bomb, that’s what i called it but the bartender called it Jakie something which i failed to remember it, maybe next time again i’ll get the right name. Well, it was a fun night though we have to return home pretty early due to Tom got some shooting to do the morning after, he needed to go to bed early.

Sunset ខែ​កុម្ភៈ 13, 2008

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View from my office to Kla Kon Mountain, Sereisophon, Banteay Meanchey. 

Well, im not too sure if it is a one word word or a two words word. I’ll just assumed that it’s a one word, “sunset”, just like that.

I took this picture last week, right after a boring day at work. I was one of the most boring day i guess… well it was not just me, i got 2 other colleagues who felt the same way. It was a day before the Chinese New Year. Okay back to the picture, I didnt really mean to take it for any special reason, it was only to compare the camera capacity of my phone compared to my colleague’s new bought phone, a Nokia N95 8BG, a very nice smart phone which I also wanna have one, not sure if I could affort it, got many things in my mind that I wanna have, a mac book pro, a citizen skyhawk AT, a nike zoom sneakers, and also a new smart phone… Okay back to the picture, it goes without saying that his phone could produce picture way better than mines.

Anyway, this is my last month in Svay, Sereisophon. I’m getting a little emotional now, feel like I’m gonna miss everyone here. I remember how I felt the very first day I was here last 2 and a half year, I didnt like it very much and I never thought I could stay here for this long, but now I somehow became to like it, it’s just that I’m quite used to the quitet environment and that I have made some good friends here. Living and working here surely did change my way of thinking, I did learned alot from working with this Rural Development Project. I would like to thank to all my senior Project officers and colleagues and wish them all the very best and I’m very positive that our Project could be finished on time and successfully.

Hmmm, I somehow could not really focus on one topic, I was originally wanna only write about the sunset picture I took but alway end up with writting things else – my bad. So that’s all for now folks, ciao!