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Untitled ខែ​មេសា 25, 2008

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Another friend of mines is getting engaged end of this May, I thought she was joking when I called her up today but she was not. After I got her confirmation, there were a moment of time within those couple of seconds that i felt speechless, it was quite suprising, it was not something that I expected to hear, not this soon. Anyway It’s good for her though and I am happy that she finally found her soulmate, but at the same time I kinda felt that I’m losing something, something that I’m not yet ready to lose, I’m quite selfish eh? I think I maybe am. Well, Neat, all the very best to you.

UniBar ខែ​មេសា 24, 2008

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In my Uni, short form of university, we have a wide range of services starting from Unimail, Unibuddy, Unithis and Unithat and you know what? we also have Unibar and Yeah, we have a bar in the university!! How cool is that? These last two weeks were pretty intense and we all tried to catch up with the assignment deadline which due Tuesday next week. But the good thing about UNSW is that they also provide a place to cool urself down a little, the Unibar. So this afternoon after class, me and 3 other classmates, Gautham, Tony and Brett, went there for a glass of beer. We had Amber something, im not quite remember it, it’s quite nice though, and it did help cool us down together with the rain all that afternoon.

In Turnel ខែ​មេសា 20, 2008

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In Turnel

Some where along M5 high way? from Cabramatta to City.

Library ខែ​មេសា 4, 2008

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Public Library in Cabramatta suburb, NSW, OZ.

Well it’s been a long while since i last went to a library, I think it was during my time in uni pursuing my bachelor degree, and even then i didnt go there any often. The reason might be i’m not used to go to library, not really attracted to it. There werent much library in my hometown in my time as a kid, i’m not sure it got any better now and maybe worse, i dont know, the existing library might have been improved but we havent got any new one. But some of my friends would go there and spent time do the reading and stuff and somehow they are way smarter student than me, i should have gone with them and be one of the smartest kids – my bad. So kids!! do not practise my bad habit, and get yourself to like the library, it’ll do you good. Anyway I notice that the way of life here, in oversea in term of education, is way more advanced than us in many way and they have a very good library services with full of useful resources, not just they have it in school but they also have it within the community as a public library, very encouraging kids and people to use it and profit from it. Hmmm I have thought about this stuff, not just now but for quite sometimes, that during my life, i hope i could raise some fund build just one good resourcefull public or school library, if that the least we could do, for the kids in my beloved hometown.