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Library ខែ​មេសា 4, 2008

Posted by STARFiSH in Pictures, This & That.


Public Library in Cabramatta suburb, NSW, OZ.

Well it’s been a long while since i last went to a library, I think it was during my time in uni pursuing my bachelor degree, and even then i didnt go there any often. The reason might be i’m not used to go to library, not really attracted to it. There werent much library in my hometown in my time as a kid, i’m not sure it got any better now and maybe worse, i dont know, the existing library might have been improved but we havent got any new one. But some of my friends would go there and spent time do the reading and stuff and somehow they are way smarter student than me, i should have gone with them and be one of the smartest kids – my bad. So kids!! do not practise my bad habit, and get yourself to like the library, it’ll do you good. Anyway I notice that the way of life here, in oversea in term of education, is way more advanced than us in many way and they have a very good library services with full of useful resources, not just they have it in school but they also have it within the community as a public library, very encouraging kids and people to use it and profit from it. Hmmm I have thought about this stuff, not just now but for quite sometimes, that during my life, i hope i could raise some fund build just one good resourcefull public or school library, if that the least we could do, for the kids in my beloved hometown.


1. khmerbird - ខែ​មេសា 5, 2008

the roof look so strange!
i bet you were enjoy reading, didn’t you?

2. a-kdam - ខែ​មេសា 6, 2008

let me know when you ready to set the library up I will sponsor you some resources 😉

3. ramana - ខែ​មេសា 6, 2008

me too find it not interesting to go to library but i always borrow books to read at home, but only novels teh la. And i really support your ideas to build a good n resourceful library, n i ll contribute according to my abilities lah

4. vutha - ខែ​មេសា 6, 2008

when i was young i never went to library to read books, but the way, at that time, there were not public library full of books. That is good idea that u want to build library for schoolchildren. I hope your dream will come true.

5. មានអារម្មណ៏ថាត្រជាក់ - ខែ​មេសា 6, 2008

hope we can get a fancy library like this cambodia soon

6. sophal - ខែ​មេសា 8, 2008

Hey chan, that is good idea. I also have a plan to open a public library in Banteay Meanchey Province also. Now, i try to find a way to start this plan with my friends also? So anyone have some comments?


7. STARFiSH - ខែ​មេសា 11, 2008

Well KB, it’s not the roof, it’s the ceiling. They have few more storey above. It’s some kinda decoration. Well yeah, it’s a place to read since it’s calm and quiet. And guys, it’s good to hear we all share the same view, i’ll sure let you guys know once the project starts, but maybe we will have to wait a bit longer, so save up guys 😀

8. naryphing - ខែ​មេសា 12, 2008

happy new year poo! yeah build one in our province !:-)

9. chharda - ខែ​មេសា 12, 2008

golden year of the Rat will bring u much happinesisss na

10. STARFiSH - ខែ​មេសា 18, 2008

Happy New Year, Nary!! Yeah hopefully in the future.

Many thanks Chharda, wish you all the best as well!! 😀

11. PoLn - ខែ​មេសា 21, 2008

Well guy…as ur job, no matter less or more… just simply make it to trophy na…: -)

12. sophea - ខែ​ឧសភា 22, 2008

[Sigh]…U know what, i rarely go to library. The reason is, library in vietnam..are so terrible. It will never allow you to borrow any books [esp my school], it’s hard to find the book that we’re supposing to read……bla bla bla


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