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UniBar ខែ​មេសា 24, 2008

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In my Uni, short form of university, we have a wide range of services starting from Unimail, Unibuddy, Unithis and Unithat and you know what? we also have Unibar and Yeah, we have a bar in the university!! How cool is that? These last two weeks were pretty intense and we all tried to catch up with the assignment deadline which due Tuesday next week. But the good thing about UNSW is that they also provide a place to cool urself down a little, the Unibar. So this afternoon after class, me and 3 other classmates, Gautham, Tony and Brett, went there for a glass of beer. We had Amber something, im not quite remember it, it’s quite nice though, and it did help cool us down together with the rain all that afternoon.