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yay! studio 2 is finished ខែតុលា 29, 2008

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Just had our final studio presentation yesterday, and I’m so happy that we have finally done it, i’ve been so stressed out these couple of weeks, I was worried that I couldnt make it but I’m safe after all, it’s been fun working with you guys, steven, leo and sally! Anyway, i especially like the graphic of tony’s group, you guys did a very good job.

In the picture, bret is presenting his project together with laurence, carls, and wen, and after that, we all went for a drink with nigel, our studio lecturer, and it was nice.

i’m abd ខែតុលា 24, 2008

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I mean i’m bad, typo error. I’ve been having a very bad sleeping habit laetly, sometimes it’s better for me to not sleep at all. I missed an importance meeting this morning despite my phone sounded the alarm one after another. Anyway, just dont know how to punish myself.

australian motoshow ’08 ខែតុលា 20, 2008

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More photos click here.

R.I.P ខែតុលា 16, 2008

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My deepest condolences for the Cambodian soldiers who died defending our Cambodia’s soverignty from Thai invasion and aggression. May you rest in peace, and you will be always remembered.

May God bless our brave soldiers, and may them win over the greedy invader.

I condemn the Siem nation for their shameless invasion of my beloved country.

fun ខែតុលា 6, 2008

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So where have I’ve been during this mid semester break?

I went to Port Stephens with some friends, it was fun after a long while.

Watched dolphines….

Went to the dune…

Played sand boarding…

It was some what a hot day, clear sky, beautiful weather, we rented an appatment, had some bbq, had a few beers (which is not a good thing), played football (our team won eheheh), played rugby (our team won again or not?), went for a few swim, got a little of swirred crocodile, played some cards, had some hot pot, had some wines (which is again not a very good thing ^_^), sangs some songs, went dolphine watching, went sand boarding, and got back home.