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គុយទាវគោក ខែធ្នូ 12, 2008

Posted by STARFiSH in My Kitchen.

គ្រឿងផ្សំ (សំរាប់មនុស្ស២នាក់)៖

១. គុយទាវ ២០០ក្រាម

២. សាច់ជ្រូកចិញ្រ្ចាំ ១០០ក្រាម

៣. សាច់គោ ៥០ក្រាម

៤. បង្គា ៦

៥. ខ្ទឹម ជីវ៉ាន់ស៊ុយ ជីរណា និង​ សណ្តែកបណ្តុស

៦. ទឹកស៊ីអ៊ីវខាប់ ស្ករ ប៊ីចេង


ហាន់​ខ្តឹម​ជា​បំណែក​តូចៗ ដាក់​បំពង​ឲ្យ​ឡើង​ពណ៌​ពង​អង្ក្រង រួច​ស្រង់​ទុក​មួយ​ឡែក។ ដាក់​ទឹក​ដាំ​ឲ្យ​ពុះ បន្ទាប់​មក​ស្រុះ​សណ្តែក​បណ្តុស ប្រហែល ១នាទី ហើយ​ស្រង់​វា​ដាក់​ក្នុង​ចានគោម​ បន្ទាប់មក ស្រុះគុយទាវពី ៥ ទៅ ៧នាទី រួច​ស្រង់​វា​ដាក់​ចាន ពី​លើ​សណ្តែក។  ស្រុះ​សាច់​ជ្រូក​ចិញ្រ្ចាំ និង បង្គា ប្រមាណ ៥នាទី រួច​ស្រង់​វា​ដាក់​ពី​លើ​គុយទាវ។ សាច់គោ​ស្រុះ​កុំ​ឲ្យឆ្អិន​​ពេក ដាក់​វា​ពី​លើ​គុយទាវ បន្ទាប់​មក​ដាក់​ស្ករ​មួយ​ស្លាប​ព្រា​កាហ្វេ ដាក់​ប៊ីចេង​បន្តិច រួច​ហើយ​ចាក់​ទឹកស៊ីអ៊ីវ​ខាប់ ២ស្លាបព្រា​បាយ (ដាក់​គ្រឿង​តិច​ឬ​ច្រើន​ជាង​នេះ ទៅ​តាម​ចំណូល), បន្ទាប់​មក​ដាក់​ខ្ទឹម​បំពង និង ហាន់​ជីវ៉ាន់ស៊ុយ និង​ ជីរណាដាក់​ពី​លើ ជា​ការ​ស្រាច់។



1. naryphing - ខែធ្នូ 14, 2008

shrimp only 6 ? can i have 7 lols jk . anyway will take ur recipe to try out 🙂

2. STARFiSH - ខែធ្នូ 14, 2008

Hey my k1 samlanh, how have you been eh? well you can have as many shrimps as you like 😀 this is just a quick lazy way to serve noodle, and it’s not my recipe though, i got it from my friend’s auntie in France ehhehe, if it’s not good i’ll forward the complaint to her hehehhe

3. naryphing - ខែធ្នូ 14, 2008

lols poo , oh u said 6 shrimps but in the bolw i saw only 2 hahaha , might be someone cheated during the processing time jk .i am doing well . so u back from France now?

4. Posoky - ខែធ្នូ 15, 2008

OK let try it one!

5. engsamnang - ខែធ្នូ 15, 2008


6. Phossdey Sambo - ខែធ្នូ 15, 2008

hehehe this looks really good.

7. Rath - ខែធ្នូ 16, 2008

yummy ^^ share me some 🙂

8. កេសី - ខែធ្នូ 16, 2008

looks good and yummy too. by the way, thanks for the message. it’s late but better than none. hope you’ll have a wonderful christmas out there.

9. sophak - ខែធ្នូ 16, 2008

Yum Yum…I love kuyteav. Can’t wait to try this! N yeah, I’l put more shrimps too haha (What a stingy recipe you’ve got, just like U)

10. ramana - ខែធ្នូ 18, 2008

hehe, never know that this blog also show the way to cook 😛

11. ramana - ខែធ្នូ 18, 2008

oh, one more question? only for two people?

12. Chorn Sokun - ខែធ្នូ 22, 2008

that cool 😉

13. STARFiSH - ខែធ្នូ 23, 2008

Nary, I might have cheated during cooking i guess, dont quite rememeber it 😀 Well i’ve been back for couple of weeks now.

And hello to everyone, you are welcome to try this recipe, believe me it’s a quick lazy dish 😀

Sophak, well i think i have every reason to be a little stingy given the current time of year, and im officially broke after this europe trip.

Ramana, well u could always come here once in a while and check out the menu in my kitchen, i was gonna blog more, but every time i fail to have a good presentation of the dish… so maybe some other time.

Hey Kun, remember Men Sophon? she asked about our high school mates, met her in hi5 the other day. 😀

14. dANTE - ខែ​មេសា 29, 2009

I love KA TIEU!!!! Ka tieu bahut saik kho is my favorite!

15. STARFiSH - ខែ​មេសា 29, 2009


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