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The Package ខែតុលា 1, 2009

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This is the package I’ve been waiting for, inside is a beautiful handmade knitted scarf from Soursdey, I was so happy to got back home tonight and saw the package on my desk, will unboxing it tomorrow, and thanks Soursdey for going all the trouble to make it for me. 😀


untittled ខែ​មេសា 22, 2009

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R.I.P ខែតុលា 16, 2008

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My deepest condolences for the Cambodian soldiers who died defending our Cambodia’s soverignty from Thai invasion and aggression. May you rest in peace, and you will be always remembered.

May God bless our brave soldiers, and may them win over the greedy invader.

I condemn the Siem nation for their shameless invasion of my beloved country.

Untitled ខែ​មេសា 25, 2008

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Another friend of mines is getting engaged end of this May, I thought she was joking when I called her up today but she was not. After I got her confirmation, there were a moment of time within those couple of seconds that i felt speechless, it was quite suprising, it was not something that I expected to hear, not this soon. Anyway It’s good for her though and I am happy that she finally found her soulmate, but at the same time I kinda felt that I’m losing something, something that I’m not yet ready to lose, I’m quite selfish eh? I think I maybe am. Well, Neat, all the very best to you.

@#$%^&*!!! ខែ​មេសា 24, 2007

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I wish i could say it out loud….

Anyway, thanks to GOD, today I experienced once again a heart-broken pain.

Always ខែ​កុម្ភៈ 9, 2007

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Track of the Week:

Always by Jon Bon Jovi.

It starts with “This Romeo is bleeding, but you cant see his blood…. etc etc”, I dont know but I just keep on palying this track again and again within this week and it deserves to be called Track of the Week. Anyway the runner up tracks are គ្មានខ្លឹមសារ by ប៊ុន ស័ក្ក, I wanna love you by Akon and another song by Lydia which i failed to remember the title.

My tooth is killing me ខែ​កុម្ភៈ 8, 2007

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to be continued…

It took the whole week then for me to suffer the pain. I t wasnt like too much hurt actually but it somehow made you feel the pain every 5 or 10 minutes, believe me it made you feel restless and headaches as well, the Aspirine did some help though. The worse thing about that popped-end-tooth, that’s what i call it, is that it made half of my face look a bigger – Yes! it get swollen. A week later the pain stopped, my face turned back to normal, my charm returned. I thought that was it, It was glad that it was over.

20th March 2007 

Now what? the story repeats. I thought that was it but this weekend that stupid tooth brought me pain again and the half swollen face and the Aspirine. My aunt said something that shocked me, she said that it took years for her to fully free from that tooth-pain, she said it was until she turned 30 – that is to say I’ll have to live with this stupid-headache-making-tooth-pain for another couple of years, until I turn 30. I wish this was not true. Anyone had this kinda experience before? I assumed that though who would respond to this question are over 30 unless otherwise states. Anyway I hope this would end in another few days.

My freehand sketch ខែមករា 25, 2007

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Nothing really I just feel too bored lately, I know i know bro, i gotta study for IELTS so dont you worry about it.

A random SMS ខែវិច្ឆិកា 2, 2006

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“That’s melancholy,… I wish I have loved you.”

Well that, I believe, is the last SMS i got from her. I tent to keep it in my cell phone but too bad i messed up with that phone and had to formatted it and reinstalled the OS, the bad news it that everything stored was gone. But yeah I still remember bits and pieces of it though it’s not whole.

我的老师’s sms ខែសីហា 2, 2006

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” 失去食欲因为想你, 梦乡不甜因为念你, 很想很想见到你因为你欠我钱还没还, 哈 哈!!! OK!”

Honestly i dont remember borrowing u any money, plus im sure that i always pay the school fees each month and ontime. Anyway i know that 你想我多多。^_^