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365 days ខែ​មីនា 2, 2009

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Time flies, it really did and it still does, with every second ticking, it brings us slowly toward the future, there is no turning back.

Yesterday marked the 365 days of me being here, so a year has passed, I should have posted about it then rather then now but I was just not in the mood in doing so, anyhow I am looking forward now to whatever it is, time may bring to me.

i’m abd ខែតុលា 24, 2008

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I mean i’m bad, typo error. I’ve been having a very bad sleeping habit laetly, sometimes it’s better for me to not sleep at all. I missed an importance meeting this morning despite my phone sounded the alarm one after another. Anyway, just dont know how to punish myself.

fun ខែតុលា 6, 2008

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So where have I’ve been during this mid semester break?

I went to Port Stephens with some friends, it was fun after a long while.

Watched dolphines….

Went to the dune…

Played sand boarding…

It was some what a hot day, clear sky, beautiful weather, we rented an appatment, had some bbq, had a few beers (which is not a good thing), played football (our team won eheheh), played rugby (our team won again or not?), went for a few swim, got a little of swirred crocodile, played some cards, had some hot pot, had some wines (which is again not a very good thing ^_^), sangs some songs, went dolphine watching, went sand boarding, and got back home.

ចិត្តប្រកាន់ ខែកក្កដា 23, 2008

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Javelin Records

I got it at last! It took 2 weeks to get here from the States and there were some mistakes with the Post Office, so it took another week before it finally reached me this morning. Well big thanks to my buddy, Veasna, normally I would call him Ah Skov but since there’s a nice Timberland t-shirt packed along with the CD, I should address him properly hehehe. Yeah, Veasna, thanks for the CD man and thanks for the t-shirt, u r the best! 😀

a new toy ខែកក្កដា 7, 2008

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my first dslr

My Nikon D40x box, my first DSLR, my new toy.

one typical eve ខែកក្កដា 3, 2008

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Got outta work, played basketball, and got drunk.

an eve at bunna\'s place

An eve at Bunna’s place, Golden Mountain, BMC.

It was one of the greatest time, one of the greatest work experience, ones of the greatest friends. I know it’s not good to party all the time, still it was fine with me and 2 other singles in the group, and the MBAs did not have the liberty we singles have, nevertheless they could always come up with the right reason to please their beloved wifes. Bong Thy, you are the best!! I know who should I run to should I have any troubles in the future hehehe. Well I’ll get see you guys real soon.

ថ្ងៃមួយ ក្រោយពីពិធីជប់លៀង, ខារ៉ាអូខេ និង បបរស រួច មាណព​យើង បាន​នាំ​នារី​សំណព្វ​ចិត្ត​ឡើង​រថយន្ត បន្តទៅមួយតង់ទៀត។ ចៅមាណព​បើក​មក​ដល់​ផ្ទះ​មួយ​ ស៊ីផ្លេ ទីតទីត ដើម្បី​ឲ្យ​ម្ចាស់​ផ្ទះ​សំណាក់​បើកទ្វាឲ្យ។ ២ ៣ នាទី​ក្រោយ​មក​ទ្វា​ផ្ទះ​ក៏​បើក​ដូច​ប្រាថ្នា តែចៅមាណព​ធ្លាក់​ថ្លើម​ក្តុក បែក​ញើស​ជោក ព្រោះ​អ្នក​បើក​ទ្វា​ឲ្យ​នោះ​ជា​ម៉ែ​ប្រពន្ធ ទើប​​ភ្ញាក់​ខ្លួន​ថា បើក​រថយន្ត​មក​ខុស​ទិស​ដៅ ដោយ​ស្រវឹង​ពេក​ច្រឡំ​ផ្ទះខ្ឡួន​ឯង​ថា​ជា​ផ្ទះ​សំណាក់។ មាណព​ស្វាង​ស្រា ដូច​បាន​ចូល​ស្ទីម​២ម៉ាង, ញ៉ាំ​អាស្ពីរីន​៥គ្រាប់ និង​ តែ​បៃ​តង​ដាក់​ក្រូចឆ្មារ​២កែវ។ ចុះ​ពី​លើ​ឡាន ដៃ​កាន់​ទូរស័ព្ធ  ធ្វើ​ជា​និយាយ​ថា៖ លោក​ប្រធាន​ខ្ញុំ​ទៅ​ដល់​ឥឡូវ​ហើយ មេត្តា​ចាំ​មួយ​ភ្លេត, ៤ ៥ នាទី​ទៀត​ដល់​ហើយ… បាទ​ជំរាប​លា។ បន្ទាប់មក មាណព​បិទ​ទូរស័ព្ធ​ រួច​ទាត់​កង់​ឡាន​២ជើង រអ៊ូថា យី!អាង​តែ​ចៅហ្វាយ​គេ ប៉ាវ​ផឹក​ហើយ​នៅ​ប្រើ​ឲ្យ​ឯង​ដឹក​ស្រី​ឲ្យ​ទៀត!! រួច​ដើរ​ទៅ​ជិត​ប្រពន្ធ​ហើយ និយាយ​ថា អូន​សំឡាញ់​កុំអាល បើកទ្វា បង​មក​នេះគ្រាន់​តែ​មក​ប្រាប់​អូន​ឯង​ថា បងត្រូវ​ជូន​គេ​ទៅ​ជួប​មេ​បន្តិច ក្រែង​អូន​ឯង​បារម្ភ បន្តិច​ទៀត​បង​មក​ផ្ទះ​វិញ​ហើយ។

Note: MBA stands for Married But Available ^_^

Sake & Soju ខែមិថុនា 21, 2008

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sake & soju

Soju in green bottle and Sake in the white pot at a Korean Restaurant

You know what happen when we mix Japan and Korea? I got myself wasted. This evening we got an early celebration formy birthday, which comes tomorrow, and Ah Ing birthday, which comes in 3 more days. My brother, Srey Leak, Srey Ing, Leng and me, we went to a Korean restaurant, a buffet one, in Hurstville. The food was nice and I was very full, to help burn the food more quickly so that we could eat more, we ordered this Sake, Japanese wine, and Soju, Korean wine. I thought I was strong enough to share 2 bottles of Soju and 3 pots of Sake with my brother and Leng, but I was wrong, my drinking skill sucks big time. Just haven’t practice it for only 4 months, I was easy wasted. Despite this small incidents I did I have a very good time, thank you Bro, Leng, Leak and Ing for this great evening, and Srey Ing, Happy Birthday to you!!!

PS: Sorry, the picture is a bit too over exposer, that’s something you expected from a drunk photographer 😀

Butcher Skewer ខែមិថុនា 19, 2008

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butcher skewer

Butcher Skewer at Meat & Wine Co

If you ever wonder how Butcher and Skewer from my previous post looks like, that is it! in the picture. It comes with this funny support, it did quite embarrass me given its strange looks and in a formal dinner with professors and seniors. Jon, my lecturer in the first part of studio, kept on looking at this Butcher Skewer from times to times, lucky enough I did have 2 glasses of red wine earlier, so I didn’t feel too embarrassed, I did finished it all though, and Jon said, “Well done! you finished it!” ^_^ And also in the picture behind this beautiful decorative steak are Esa and Daniel.

The Meat & Wine Co ខែមិថុនា 18, 2008

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Meat & Wine

Meat & Wine Co restaurant at Darling Harbour, Sydney

This evening I was invited to a celebratory dinner of my senior, the MUDD 13 group, who just finished their last semester and will be graduated in September. It was my pleasure of course, since I dont know much people there except, Esa, Lisa and Daniel, they are very friendly, and thank Daniel for inviting me, I’ll sure let you know when I go to China :D. Oh I had Butcher Skewer and Red Wine, quite nice though a bit expensive. This eve I got to know Shang, also a Chinese student from group, Natalie who’s doing Master of Architecture and joined the MUDD studio, she was quite a nice lady, hopefully I would be able to be in her class in the future, and I also got to talk to Nicole, an exchange student from the States, she was also quite a nice lady even we didn’t talk much. So all in all, it was quite a nice experience.

at sun set ខែមិថុនា 18, 2008

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sunset at red center

From my studio room’s window, Red Center, FBE, UNSW

Well I know I’ve been quiet lately, It was partly due to I was busy with my school works and stuff, there were so many bloggers complained how stressful it was dealing with the assignments and all (I’m not talking about you, Lyna, Kaly and Phossdey : P) so I rather just stay cool about it.

Anyway, it was 2 days before our last studio project due. We were trying to catch up the deadline, there were 5 of us in the studio. The atmosphere was calm, quiet and tense, we were focusing on our works. But it wasn’t always this calm, as we would exchanged some conversations, a little chit chat, just to ease the stress and spice up the room. After a small talk were exchanged and just about time when I was starting to continue staring at my laptop screen, as I’ve been doing earlier, Ling shout out to me, hmmm I meant to us:

“Guys! look behind your back!”

I didn’t quite catch what she said since she spoke a little too soft, if Jon were there he would have told Ling to speak up. Then Laurence told us to look behind us, I turned and look and then I wowed, I couldn’t say anything instead of a big wow. It looked stunning, I never see such a beautiful red sky at sunset, it was decorated with the painted gradian cloud giving us a 3 dimensions kinda feeling. The picture above looks less convincing, my cameraphone could not really capture as good as our bare eyes. I thought it was an alien invasion or something or the world was burn out at the other side. I would always imagine tomorrow the world is exploded or burned out or got hit by other planet or something, I must have watched too much movies, and then I would ask myself what would I do if I know the world is ending tomorrow?

Anyway, we have finished that studio project and I was happy that we managed to finished it on time, it was such a relieve. And Tony, thanks man for your efforts and it’s been nice working with you. And good job everyone! Oh Gautham, you said to help me with the urban history paper!

Time does fly, I think I’ve said that before, it’s been almost 4 months now since I got here. Great experience though, I feel like I’m 10 years younger. Getting to know new things here as compare to the life I got back in Srok Khmer, I feel stupid most of the time. I think the younger feeling got from me doing stupid things, got lost getting back home from the station, caught a wrong train, caught a wrong bus and so on. Actually this was not I imagined myself at this age, I should be more mature.

Got a sad news though, Atoh, one of our 4 dog just passed away. He was one of the smart and bravest of all. He would protect us from strangers, he would even fight snakes, he successfully fought 2 snakes, with the help of 3 others of course, and he almost got one of his eyes blinded, the cobra split her venom on his face at that time. Although he was a bit កាច and there were time that he even threatened me especially when trying to bath him, he was still one of the most favorite. May he rest in peace.

Well that could be call a wrap up after not updating for almost a whole month.

Oh wait, I’ve missed a whole lot of European Cup, I could only watched a few matches at the beginning. France, was one of my favorite team after England, now failed to make it into the last eight beaten 2-0 by Italy. I haven’t really decide to support any other team yet but for the moment, I would love to see either Portugal, Holland or Spain reach final.

And in the other news, I think I’ve shrinken my alcohol consuming capability to just 2 glasses now, I said my last record was 3.5 cans but the last time I had with with guys from MUDD class, I could only manage the second round, I wish I could go for another one, sorry guys, maybe next time heheh.

And Violet Hill by Cold Play is the number 1 hit on the Nokia N95 chart, been playing it repeatedly these couple of weeks.

“Was a long and dark December
From the rooftops i remember
There was snow
White snow”

“If you love me
Won’t you let me know?”

“So if you love me
Why’d you let me go?”

Oh and by the way, I hate fortune tellers.